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About Us


We are young, but our track records exceeding our age

Established in 2012, we have made foot-prints in the West African Offshore logistics market; in sea craft procurement, clearing, re-export, fleet management and vessel conversions on-behalf of owners and managing critical project cargo for oilfield services.

02. Mission

Our logistics is total and first-in-class

Our mission at Ocean Sentinels is to intervene, innovate and collaborate with our shipping network across the globe to continuously improve the logistical out-comes in our clients’ supply chain, bringing about efficiency and productivity.

03. Vision

We aim to be the best with unequal commitments

At Ocean Sentinels we aim to be a company with top quality and premium services in our market, guaranteeing our clients an unmatched service performance with value for their money and time.


Logistic in numbers

Sea Delivery
Ground Shipping
Air Delivery
Other Delivery


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