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Established in 2012, with rapid growth and commitment, we have made foot-prints in the West African Offshore logistics market; in sea craft procurement, clearing, re-export, fleet management

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and conversions on-behalf of vessel owners and managing critical project Cargo for oilfield services.

2012 100%
2013 100%
Business commencement,Licenses & Permits
2014 58%
Port Presence
2017 67%
Countries covered
2018 90%
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We constantly seek better ways of getting the job done

We put our heart to work, as our word is a promise kept

Time and cost are the essence of logistics and our interventions in the supply chain offer these two critical values.

People are at the core of the supply chain and having the right people with the right orientation is at the core of our strategy

We audit every of our processes and procedure in-line with industry standards to minimize

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risk and to ensure safety of consignments and our people

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