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Temporary Importation

Providing expertise on procuring TEMPORARY IMPORT PERMIT (TIP) on behalf of vessel owners is an area OSNL has made its mark in the industry with over 17 vessel fleets procured under her portfolio

We understand the process, because we have the experience and used to the intricacies of documentation involved. Been familiar with the interfaces with the Customs and your bank, following all due diligence;  in raising bonds, registration and obtaining the approvals ; plus our good will, gives OSNL an edge in avoiding costly pitfalls with a faster turn-around in getting your vessel  worthy  for operation. Same applies to other high value equipment and assets such as oil rigs, FPSOs, barges etc., brought into Nigeria for a specific contract only. Goods temporarily imported into Nigeria do not require Form M and can be easily re-exported at the end of your contract. We can provide Temporary Import Permit Service based on the service items outlined below:

A.Temporary Importation

  • Supply / Utility Vessels
  • Barges
  • Tugs
  • Rigs

B. Extension of Temporary Importation

C. Cancellation of Temporary Importation

D. Vessel Conversion

E. Customs Intervention on Temporary Importation

F. Provision of Customs bond on Temporary importation

G. Registration / Processing of Bond with Customs



We carry out safety audit in all our processes and envisage every possible risk element and put the necessary mitigating measures in place before embarking on any shipment.


Because, we understand the local terrain and the best route and medium of conveyance to suit your cargo, we are always on time, in getting your cargo delivered to your door step.


We innovate and device better strategies to get the job done; and leveraging on strong alliances with our partner service providers, we offer our client a negotiated rates, that impacts positively on their bottom line.


Trust is an aspect of our business we uphold dearly. And we believe our customers are the true reasons we are in business, and we work to ensure we uphold this trust in all our dealings, always.